High-level Policy Event: Virtual Exchange: Next Steps in University Education

Considering the serious nature of the current global health crisis, EVOLVE and the NICE project who are co-organising the event with us, have decided to postpone the High-level Policy Event “Virtual Exchange: Next Steps in University Education” which was originally planned to take place in Brussels on 25 June 2020.

However, we have adapted to the new situation as best as possible and we now plan to do the following for those of you who are interested in how Virtual Exchange can be integrated and promoted in university education contexts:

First, we will hold three short online virtual events in the months of June, September and October. Each one will provide an introduction to some aspect of Virtual Exchange, an overview of projects and initiatives as well as having guest speakers from the world of university education. The first of these will take place on 25 June so please adjust your diaries accordingly. More details on the exact time and location of the virtual event will follow shortly. 

Second, these virtual events will culminate in a one-day event in Brussels in late October. This event will bring together the different issues which have been touched on during the virtual events. It will also give participants who are interested in Virtual Exchange the opportunity to compare experiences with other colleagues.  

Further details on the virtual events and the final event in Brussels will be announced online presently. 

For more information, please contact the EVOLVE project coördinator, S. Jager, evolve@rug.nl

EVOLVE Project team 

The original description of the programme which will be rescheduled can be found here

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