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Teacher training testimonials

Four teachers who participated in the EVOLVE Training programme (Online Training Co-laboratory) in autumn 2018 share their opinion sabout the training in the video below.

“….helped us to have this fantastic and smooth running Virtual Exchange.”

“What I liked most about the training was the self-pace and the personalisation of the content….”

“I encourage everyone to join in – you will love it!”


The full videos of the teachers can be viewed on the Training page, where you will also find more information on the EVOLVE and Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange training programmes.

Meeting with members of the European Parliament, Brussels (February 2019)

On February 6 2019, the Virtual Exchange projects EVALUATE, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and EVOLVE gave presentations together in the workshop “Virtual Exchange for digital skills and global citizenship” at the European Parliament in Brussels. The workshop was organised by MEP Yana Toom on the occasion of her recent report on Digital Education in Europe. The event was attended by approximately 45 MEPs and stakeholders from other organisations with offices in Brussels. This included members of the Commission, the German DAAD and the European Students Union. Robert O’Dowd, Sarah Guth, José Díez Verdejo, Pilar Garcés (Ministry Castilla y León, Spain) and Sake Jager presented the state-of-the-art of VE in Europe reporting from the projects in which they are involved.

Sarah Guth and José Díez Verdejo introduced VE and presented results from the groundbreaking Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project.

Robert O’Dowd presented the results of  the EVALUATE Project which he is coordinating and Pilar Garcés, director general of universities in Castilla y León, explained how her public authority was using the outcomes of EVALUATE to integrate Virtual Exchange in their policy development.

Sake Jager, as project coordinator of EVOLVE, had selected the motto “digital is the new international” for his presentation, pointing out that VE is not yet well known in Higher Education, neither as a tool in digital education nor as a tool for internationalisation. He believes that digitalisation and internationalisation strategies and policies should be further integrated to reap the benefits of this innovative educational practice, which practitioners worldwide are beginning to embrace as a form of collaborative online international learning.

How EVOLVE supports Virtual Exchange

What is Virtual Exchange (VE)? How is it relevant for Higher Education today? And how does EVOLVE support developing it further? Watch these videos to hear the team experts’ views on VE and EVOLVE.

What is EVOLVE?

EVOLVE (Evidence-Validated Online Learning through Virtual Exchange) aims to mainstream Virtual Exchange (VE) as an innovative form of collaborative international learning across disciplines in Higher Education (HE) institutions in Europe and beyond.

EVOLVE organises training, research and policy making activities to bring Virtual Exchange to the attention of stakeholders in HE institutions in the Coimbra Group and SGroup university networks and VE partners around the world.


Newsletter # 2

Newsletter # 2

The EVOLVE project is now 1 year and 3 months ahead and a lot has happened since we published our first newsletter (October, 2018). In the second edition, we talk about the first iteration of the EVOLVE online Virtual Exchange training and how it was perceived by...

EVOLVE Baseline Study Published

EVOLVE Baseline Study Published

The EVOLVE baseline study on the awareness and use of Virtual Exchange (VE) in Higher Education across Europe was recently completed. The study targeted universities belonging to the Coimbra Group and SGroup university networks, but we also received responses from...

Next partner fair to find VE partners

Next partner fair to find VE partners

In a collaboration of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, EVALUATE and EVOLVE projects, the UNICollaboration organisation is holding the next ONLINE virtual exchange partnering fair on Thursday, February 28 at 11:00 Central European Time. The fair is aimed at educators...


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What is virtual exchange?

Virtual Exchange (VE) refers to education programmes or activities in which constructive communication and interaction takes place between individuals or groups who are geographically separated and/or from different cultural backgrounds, with the support of educators or facilitators.


The EVOLVE training programme helps educators in developing the essential skills for setting up Virtual Exchanges.

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Through state-of-the-art research, the impact of virtual exchanges implemented in the project will be measured.

A network of exchanges

The EVOLVE partners work closely together with institutions from the Coimbra Group and SGroup university networks to mainstream Virtual Exchange as innovative educational practice in Higher Education. This maps presents an overview of (past) exchanges from the partners in our network, and includes exchanges set up by participants of our training. Each line symbolizes an exchange: click on the line and then on the pop-up link to get more information about a specific exchange.

Click here to view a list with a summary of all exchanges.


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