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Implementing and researching Virtual Exchange in Higher Education institutions

Re-usable resources

EVOLVE Project has closed

We are closed

The EVOLVE project has formally come to an end. The main project results are available from the Resources area of this website. Brief introductions to these resources are given on the next pages. For more information, consult our closing newsletter

To make continued access to these resources possible, the following arrangements have been made: 

  • The EVOLVE website will remain available for 5 years after the project (2026);
  • The research reports will continue to be accessible through the University of Groningen research portal;
  • The EVOLVE email address will be maintained for 5 more years.
  • The EVOLVE Twitter account will be phased out and linked to other accounts used by project members (e.g. @UNICollaborate and @sakejgr).

If you have any questions about the EVOLVE results or procedures, you may direct them to

Training Resources

Training overviewIn the Training Resources section, you can view the complete Co-laboratory training module developed by the EVOLVE team. This training module is available as Open Educational Resource (OER), which can be used and adapted freely by educators and educational institutions. 

A full copy of the training content is available from this website. The materials are accompanied by a guidebook for future course instructors in which we provide practical tips for making the most of the Co-Laboratory training. Institutions can import the training course as IMS Common Cartridge into their own virtual learning environments (VLEs). 

Included in the Training Resources are also two evaluations reports and a list of related videos.

Research Resources

teacher-competencesEVOLVE conducted research on the impact of VE at the level of student learning, teacher pedagogical competences and Higher Education Institutions (strategy, policy and practice).  

These EVOLVE research reports, including translations of the executive summaries in French, Italian, Polish and Spanish can be retrieved from Research resources area of this website, together with research tools used for our studies. 

Other Resources


Visit Other Resources to view a number of presentations related to EVOLVE, including the recordings and presentation slides of a series of three webinars organised by EVOLVE. The page includes the EVOLVE newsletters that were published and several videos.


EVOLVE Closing Newsletter

EVOLVE Closing Newsletter

The final EVOLVE newsletter was sent out to our subscribers and through social media on 12 May 2021. In the newsletter you will find our latest - and last - updates on: EVOLVE training materials as Open Educational Resources; Further training opportunities through...

EVOLVE Report on Impact of VE on Teacher Competences and Development

EVOLVE Report on Impact of VE on Teacher Competences and Development

As one of a series of project publications, the EVOLVE team recently launched the research report The Impact of Virtual Exchange on Teachers’ Pedagogical Competences and Pedagogical Approach in Higher Education.  The focus of this report is on how pedagogical...

What is virtual exchange?

Virtual Exchange (VE) refers to education programmes or activities in which constructive communication and interaction takes place between individuals or groups who are geographically separated and/or from different cultural backgrounds, with the support of educators or facilitators.


The EVOLVE training programme helps educators in developing the essential skills for setting up Virtual Exchanges.

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Through state-of-the-art research, the impact of virtual exchanges implemented in the project will be measured.

A network of exchanges

The EVOLVE partners work closely together with institutions from the Coimbra Group and SGroup university networks to mainstream Virtual Exchange as innovative educational practice in Higher Education. This maps presents an overview of (past) exchanges from the partners in our network, and includes exchanges set up by participants of our training. Each line symbolizes an exchange: click on the line and then on the pop-up link to get more information about a specific exchange.

Click here to view a list with a summary of all exchanges.


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