Training in VE through Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and EVOLVE

The EVOLVE project and the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Project work closely together to offer educators and other stakeholders interested in Virtual Exchange (VE) an attractive range of training opportunities. 

Since EVOLVE has entered its final phase, no new training sessions will be given from the project, but training opportunities continue through Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange.  Please read below and visit the website for training descriptions and dates. 

The EVOLVE training materials will be made available to the community as Open Educational Resources in summer 2020. 

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

The main training opportunities are in TEP Training and Online Facilitated Dialogue. The training is free of charge for participants.

Training to develop Virtual Exchange Projects
This training is for university educators, youth workers and their support teams who want to develop Transnational Exchange Projects (TEPs). These are small-scale, project-based Virtual Exchanges jointly developed by youth workers and/or university educators from two or more different countries. The training is offered at basic and advanced levels and customized support is provided for youth organisations.
More information about this type of training can be found here.

Online Facilitated Dialogue
Another option is for institutions to participate in Online Facilitated Dialogue projects. Training opportunities are available for educators and students for learning to become facilitators in these exchanges.  Training is available in French, English and Arabic.
More information about this type of training can be found here.

The other forms of VE supported through Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange are Advocacy Training and Interactive Open Online Courses.

For information about the training, starting dates and registration, visit the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange site:


EVOLVE has delivered a complementary training programme to Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange.

  • Online Training Co-laboratory
    The “Online Training Co-laboratory” (OTC) is a highly interactive online course which is available to HE educators and supporting staff across all disciplines. Following an experiential learning approach, the training focuses on VE between educators and their foreign partners, under the guidance of experienced VE trainers. Training participants will work under the guidance of experienced VE trainers to explore the various aspects of VE design and delivery, including the pedagogy of VE, technology preparation and the handling of organizational and intercultural challenges. The first training was run successfully in the autumn of 2018 and in the autumn of 2019. The training paid specific attention to fostering and researching specific learning outcomes with university students. The training consists of 5 modules and has a duration 5 weeks.
  • Introduction to VE
    A new, entry-level self-paced training has been developed in one of the participating institutions, aimed at different stakeholders (educators, educational supporters, international officers and policy makers / managers) in the implementation process. This training will be trialled with designated partners in spring 2020. 

EVOLVE training has been specifically designed for educators and other stakeholders from the EVOLVE project institutions and the university networks Coimbra Group and Santander Group, but was open to participants from other institutions.

All the EVOLVE training materials will be made available as Open Educational Resources in 2020.

Registration details for EVOLVE training is currently no longer open. Please check out the options for E+VE below.

Open Badges

Upon successful completion, trainees in the training offered through the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and EVOLVE projects will receive digital open badges for recognition of the competences and skills acquired.

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How to sign up?

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

To sign up for Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange training, please go to the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange website.


Registration for EVOLVE training is currently no longer possibly. 

For questions about the training, training materials or other issues, please send an email to

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