The EVOLVE project team is pleased to announce that the monitoring study Virtual Exchange as Innovative Practice across Europe: Awareness and Use in Higher Education is now available from our website. 

The study presents the results of a survey among Higher Education (HE) stakeholders on the awareness and use of Virtual Exchange (VE) in HE institutions in Europe and beyond, two years after a baseline study on the same topic.

The results indicate that most respondents have a clear understanding of what VE is and that the primary uses remain concentrated in Arts and Humanities disciplines. Under the influence of Covid-19, VE appears to be increasingly integrated in HEIs strategies and policies for internationalisation and educational innovation. The attested potential is related to HEI’s wider ambitions with regard to Internationalisation-at-Home and Sustainable Development Goals. For many institutions, the path to further implementation is still uncertain and VE is likely to remain part of policy experimentations for some time. 

The full report may be found here

An overview of all research reports is available here:

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