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Co-laboratory training

The Co-Laboratory Training in Virtual Exchange is a 5-week course with 3 optional modules that you can download and import in your institution’s Learning Management System. The course was originally created in Moodle, but is published here in the IMS Common Cartridge format, which is supported by all modern learning environments. See the table below for instructions on how to install and use the package. You can preview the contents of the course via the link in the table.

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Title Type
Guidebook PDF
Installation guidelines HTML
Co-laboratory Training (download) IMS Common Cartridge
Co-laboratory Training (preview) HTML

Training evaluations

Title Type
Training – Evaluation Report (May 2019) PDF
Training – Evaluation Report (second iteration, April 2020) PDF


Various video clips have been created during the project. We have highlighted several videos below, that you are free to link or embed on your own website or re-use in your courses.

Thumbnail Title Description
What is Virtual Exchange? A short animation video explaining the basic concepts of Virtual Exchange
Pedagogical Mentoring for Intercultural Communicative Competence A brief video introduction with examples of how teachers can engage in pedagogical mentoring during virtual exchange to support students’ intercultural communicative competence.
Mainstreaming Virtual Exchange through Training & Research  
EVOLVE Training testimonials Four teachers who participated in the EVOLVE training share their experiences. The full interviews are in the four next videos.
EVOLVE Training testimonial – Nadia Jaramillo Nadia Jaramillo from Iowa State University, USA
EVOLVE Training testimonial – Müge Satar Müge Satar, Newcastle University, UK
EVOLVE Training testimonial – Judit Hahn Judith Hahn from University of Jyväskylä, Finland
EVOLVE Training testimonial – Laura Angelini Laura Angelini, Catholic University of Valencia, Spain

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