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In this section, you will find the recordings of various presentations related to the EVOLVE project.

Presentation Event

Measuring the Impact of Virtual Exchange: Student Learning Outcomes from the EVOLVE Project

Presenter: Shannon Sauro

L2DL 2020 Symposium: Critical Transnational Dialogue and Virtual Exchange
October 19-24, 2020

Implementing Virtual Exchange in European Higher Education: Different Approaches and Initiatives

Presentation slides (PDF)

EVOLVE webinar 1

26 June 2020

Implementing Virtual Exchange in European Higher Education: Learning outcomes and students’ experiences

Presentation slides (PDF)

EVOLVE webinar 2

25 September 2020

How can universities move Virtual Exchange forward? Policies and strategies.

Final Slides with Attendee Answers (PDF including online polling responses)

EVOLVE webinar 3

30 October 2020


Title Type Date
EVOLVE newsletter 1 Newsletter October 2018
EVOLVE newsletter 2 Newsletter April 2019
EVOLVE newsletter 3 Newsletter September 2019
EVOLVE closing newsletter  Newsletter May 2021


Various video clips have been created during the project. Videos that were used in the training can be found in the training resources. Below is a link to expert views on Virtual Exchange and the EVOLVE project.

Thumbnail Title Description
  Expert views A collection of 23 videos taken at the kick-off meeting of the project. Experts present their views on Virtual Exchange and the EVOLVE project .
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