Evaluating and researching the impact of Virtual Exchange (VE) is one of the key activities in EVOLVE. To this end, the EVOLVE research team will undertake several studies to measure the impact of VE at student, educator and institution level in Higher Education in Europe. Read more >>>

Baseline study

As a start, EVOLVE conducted a baseline study through the partner institutions and university networks Coimbra Group and SGroup among educators, policy makers, internationalisation officers and management to examine the awareness and actual use of VE as a strategic and didactic tool in universities’ teaching innovation and internationalisation strategies. In addition to measuring current awareness and application of VE in educational practice, the baseline study will also help us determine the scope for further implementation through through training and support.

Learning outcomes

The main focus of the research team will be on measuring intended learning outcomes at student and educator level (digital literacy, intercultural competence, 21st c skills). The studies will be conducted in the context of the exchanges established through EVOLVE. In 2018 a pilot study of 3 exchanges will be undertaken, followed by larger scale research in 2019 and 2020.

The research is done by a team of university researchers and researchers associated with the VE networks SFCG/Soliya and SPF.


The research results will be distributed through our website and social media channels, published in policy documents and academic papers, and disseminated at policy-making events and academic conferences.

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