Cultural Representations of the Hispanic World was one of the projects of ENVOIE (University of Groningen, Netherlands)


– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

Understanding and analysing journalistic work as a team in an intercultural context.

– Targeted learning outcomes

  • Gain general knowledge and understanding of Hispanic culture through cultural representations such as films, literature, theatre and poetry focusing on crucial episodes from the colonial period to present times.
  • Learn how to reflect on these cultural representations from both a European and Latin American point of view.
  • Online Intercultural communicative competence: carry out online task with peers from another sociohistorical context and cultural background.
  • Digital skills: learn how to use online tools such as videoconferencing programmes, blogs, podcast etc.

– Global task description

  1. Icebreaking and intercultural awareness raising activity
  2. Debate and collaborative writing/research on a subject related topic and development of intercultural skills
  3. Final joint product: presentation/podcast/radio programme/blog on subject related content.   
  4. Reflection in journal/blog on the intercultural encounters and experience as a whole.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of La Frontera, Chile Journalism Spanish
University of Groningen Cultural Representations of the Hispanic World Spanish 32

Start and end date

16 April 2018 – June 2018


8 weeks


  • Humanities

Integration and assessment

In-class activities prepare the students for the online intercultural encounter. The online tasks are supervised by the lecturer and followed-up by activities such as reflections on the online tasks.
The final product together with the preparative tasks accounted for 20% of the final mark for the course (in Groningen).

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Google Drive

– Collaboration tools

WhatsApp and Skype

– Reflection tool