– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

    • Acquiring knowledge about Tunisian/German culture, understanding pluralist approaches connected to arab*ic and west*ern cultures
    • Understanding how cultural values affect one’s perception and behaviour
    • enhancing self confidence in dealing with other people from a different culture
    • developing cross cultural virtual teamwork
    • developing ICT literacy

– Targeted learning outcomes

Obtaining knowledge about culture, specifically ones own culture and culture of participating students, reflecting attitudes, images, stereotypes, obtaining communication skills to broaden intercultural competence and apply for 21st century challenges in the context of SDG´s.
• Students are aware of culturally learned structures of perception and behaviour and how they affect communication in teams.
• Students know the differences of description, interpretation and evaluation and how these influence patterns of communication. Students can effectively use skills of active listening, addressing differences, asking questions. Students know how to communicate in the virtual context and acquire digital literacies.

– Global task description

In teams students will think about innovative ideas to enhance multicultural relationships between students within their campuses.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Goettingen (D)
Intercultural Competence Focus: Arab*ic-West*ern Cultural Relationships English 15
Institut Supérieur de Etudes Technologiques de Béja (TN)
Information Technology department
Intercultural communication workshop English 10

Start and end date

10/02/2020 – 20/02/2020


 10 days


  • Humanities (except languages) (Goettingen)
  • Management and administration (Béja)

Integration and assessment

The course is taking place as a VE course, they are the same. Assessment is done via presentation of results at the end of the workshop, portfolio, peer evaluation.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Stud.IP (the LMS of Goettingen University)

– Collaboration tools

Padlet, WhatsApp, Adobe Connect

– Reflection tool