– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

Cultural communication and understanding the other.

– Targeted learning outcomes

Breaking cultural barriers. Be more accepting and more tolerant. Making friends overseas. Learning Arabic for the English students.

– Global task description

Students from the two universities, and hence different cultures, meet an hour weekly to address topics of general a such as food, clothing, family ties etc, and discuss how each culture tackles it. It is a way to understand the other and build relations. It is also hoped that at the end of the program, each pair of students will be able to design some common project and present it to the other’s country and culture.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Bath (UK) English and Arabic 9
Princess Sumaya University for Technology (JO)
Coordination unit for service courses
English and Arabic 9

Start and end date

17/02/2020 – 05/04/2020


7-8 weeks


Integration and assessment

Student work is assessed in light of the objectives of the course. It is a subjective assessment as we, instructors, look at the students’ answers in the follow-up assignments and assess them according to the achievement of the goals of these assignments.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment


– Collaboration tools

Zoom & Skype

– Reflection tool

A follow up assignment that shows what each member of the pair learned from the other.