The aim of this programme is to bring together refugee and non-refugee youth across Europe to discuss what it means to be a citizen in Europe. Jointly they will develop a (counter) narrative to combat stigmatisation and foster mutual understanding. The aim of the programme is to promote understanding between European residents and refugee newcomers by understanding their experiences. We achieve this by discussing issues affecting both communities and what it means to be a citizen in Europe in facilitated online seminars that foster trust and mutual understanding. We connect refugees and non-refugees directly as personal encounters lead to the development of genuine relationships and allow young people to speak for themselves encouraging them to take ownership over the narrative that is prevalent in discussions across Europe.

During ten weeks participants from refugee and non-refugee background across European and South Mediterranean countries follow webinars from expert academics and practitioners in the field. Participants meet weekly in small groups in our tailored virtual classroom to explore their perspectives on the refugee ‘crisis’ and what it means to be a citizen in Europe. All participants jointly participate in video-project whereby they interview a peer through which they facilitate the interaction between peers across Europe.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Padova, Italy
Political Science, Law and International Studies
European Studies English 20
Sharing Perspectives Foundation English n/a

Start and end date

March 2018 – June 2018


10 weeks


Social sciences, journalism and information

Integration and assessment

This is a stand alone virtual exchange which is offered by Sharing Perspectives Foundation under the auspices of EVE. It is an alternative programme for the Advanced English course, and some students have taken this virtual exchange as a ‘virtual placement’.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

The Soliya video-conferencing platform is used.

– Collaboration tools


– Reflection tool