– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

Give students opportunity to learn more about technology in teaching and issues that can be related to topics in sociolinguistics.

– Targeted learning outcomes

To be able to critically use digital tools for studying language use and language variation

– Global task description

Students complete three tasks (intro, comparison, collaboration) around the use of technology in teaching to solve classroom issues completed in international teams.


Partner/department Course Language of instruction Number of students
Malmö University, Malmö Sweden Department of Culture, Languages & Media Sociolinguistics and Content and Language Integrated Learning English 17
University of León, León, Spain Department of Modern Languages English 32
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel Foreign Languages Department English 15

Start and end date

November 2014, ongoing


6-8 weeks


Teacher training with subject specialisation

Integration and assessment

They have usually not been assessed. Last year the final task was integrated into a portfolio paper related to sociolinguistics.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Moodle currently, Schoology in the past.

– Collaboration tools

Students selected Google Docs and WhatsApp to communication

– Reflection tool

No reflection tool.