– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

The main target of the VE is to improve both linguistic competence and ability to communicate between students. Our project gives opportunity to interact with native speakers of target languages, share and enrich university experience, learn more about foreign culture and people.

– Targeted learning outcomes

By the end of this project students will improve their language fluency, ability to express themselves better, expand vocabulary and acquire flexibility in negotiating cultural differences.

– Global task description

Students are expected to keep in touch with assigned students of another university for all duration of the project and to complete given conversation topics.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Milan
Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication
Russian Language III Russian + Italian 63
Belarusian State University
Faculty of Philology
Italian language Russian + Italian 63

Start and end date

March 2018, ongoing




Languages (Milan), Literature and linguistics (Belarusian)

Integration and assessment

The tasks are integrated with main university course of language practice and are assessed weekly by teachers of both Universities in their classrooms.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment


– Collaboration tools

Skype, Google docs, social media.

– Reflection tool