– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

Future teacher training (Grenoble), language learning & intercultural aspects (Nicosia)

– Targeted learning outcomes


    • experience and reflect on online tuition
    • learn to set up online tasks for learners of French as an L2 & to correct their productions


    • practice academic writing and oral production
    • communication

– Global task description

2 students from Grenoble (future French-as-a-foreign-language teachers) set up tasks and tutor a group of 6-8 students studying French (x 4: 8 Grenoble students and 24 Nicosia-students in total). The first task is an ice-breaker, the following ones last two weeks each and, within a given theme, vary from group to group. They tackle various topics over the semester.
The Grenoble students aim at gaining experience in setting up and tutoring an online task, the Nicosia students at improving their French and discussing (inter)cultural topics. In parallel to the VE with Nicosia, other students from Grenoble work with students from Riga (Latvia).


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
Université Grenoble Alpes (France),
Language Didactics
Formation en ligne en langue French 8
University of Nicosia (Cyprus) Academic French French 24

Start and end date

16/09/2019 – 28/11/2019


 9 weeks


    • Teacher training with subject specialisation (Grenoble)
    • Language studies/European studies (Nicosia)

Integration and assessment

Grenoble: 2 of the 4 weekly course hours are dedicated to the VE (tuition). The aspects related to e-learning that are tackled during the remaining course hours are linked to or exemplified by the VE.


    • reflective text
    • document containing, expliciting and commenting the task designed by the French group of students that they consider was their best designed one + examples of partner student production

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Moodle + potentially others, chosen by each group of students

– Collaboration tools

1 videoconferencing session via Zoom (the last session)

– Reflection tool

Grenoble: individual