– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

Improving language learning in an informal environment.

– Targeted learning outcomes

Essentially speaking, listening and interaction skills, also writing.

– Global task description

Dutch and Italian students were working out tasks alternatively in Dutch and Italian; the tasks were about the all day life of the students (their family, town, university) and about film and child literature.They had to write their ideas and then talk about it with their partner. In a blog they wrote about their tandem experience.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
Università degli Studi di Padova
Centro Linguistico di Ateneo
Lingua nederlandese Dutch and Italian 10
Universiteit Groningen
Faculty of Arts
Proficiency European Languages and Cultures Dutch and Italian 10

Start and end date

27 February, 2017 – 15 May 2017


10 weeks


Language acquisition

Integration and assessment

In the classroom the students discussed their interaction with the dutch students . The teachers evaluated the written tasks and the blogs, not only on correctness, but also on their engagement.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Blackboard (University of Groningen)

– Collaboration tools

Skype, Google Hangouts

– Reflection tool