The Nusantara Project was one of the projects of ENVOIE (University of Groningen, Netherlands)


The Nusantara Project is an international consulting project, where several undergraduate students from all over the world, compromised in a global virtual team, deduct a case study based on an Indonesian company. By collaborating online, each group constructs a marketing plan for the according company, proposing ideas how they can successfully export their products abroad. The purpose of the project is three-fold: first, the project aims to enhance learning in Business/Management and related courses; second, to provide an opportunity for students to work as a consultant and get experience in providing solution for companies in Asia. Third, learn how to work in Global Virtual Teams By joining this project students: 1. can learn other cultures. 2. are supported in establishing a networking 3. are facilitated to apply the theory from classroom into practice 4. Support the education in the developing countries, particularly Indonesia.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Ma Chung in Malang (East Java) English 5
University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business English 5

Start and end date

September 2017 – January 2018


Approx. 16 weeks


Marketing and advertising

Integration and assessment

The work done in this e-learning project was integrated in two ways; as part of Honours bachelor activity and as BR&C course activity (5 ECTS)

Technology tools used

– Learning environment


– Collaboration tools

Email, Skype, WhatsApp

– Reflection tool