– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

  • Experiencing a VE.
  • Practising the English language related to CALL.
  • Reflecting on VE task design.
  • Giving access to different approaches and methodologies for teaching.
  • Improving teaching skills.

– Targeted learning outcomes

  • Intercomprehension skills development.
  • Intercultural competence improvement.
  • Pedagogical tasks designing.

– Global task description

Get to know each other; get information on and discuss educational contexts; set up a list of criteria for a telecollaborative task; design a task for another (upcoming) VE with a new partner.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
Université Grenoble Alpes, France / Language didactics Télécollaboration en langues French/English 17
Universidade Estadual Paulista ‘Julio de Mesquita Filho’, Brazil / Modern Languages Língua Inglesa III Portuguese/English 13

Start and end date

14 November 2019 – 20 December 2019


6 weeks


Language acquisition

Integration and assessment

  • Fully integrated: the whole course is dedicated to the above mentioned course objectives; Reflective text on the VE / on the course; Assessment of a designed VE task.
  • Adaptation of VE tasks to students´ levels and needs; Balance between synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment


– Collaboration tools