– Main objectives of the Virtual Exchange

The aim of the exchange was for students on both sides to experience online interaction and collaboration with international peers, to develop greater intercultural understanding and develop curiosity towards another, to deconstruct national stereotypes and engage with different perspectives on given issues.

– Targeted learning outcomes


– Global task description

Some of the activities included exploring and deconstructing Hofstede’s dimensions, carrying out a survey and writing a collaborative report.


Partner / department Course Language of instruction Number of students
University of Padova, Italy
Political Science, Law and International Studies
Advanced English English 30
College of Staten Island / CUNY, New York, United States International Relations English 30

Start and end date

October 2017 –¬†December 2017


8 weeks


Languages (Padova), 03 Social sciences, journalism and information (CUNY)

Integration and assessment

The tasks were a core part of teaching activity in both classes. In Italy the exchange counted for one third of students’ final mark.

Technology tools used

– Learning environment

Each class had their own platform for relate coursework (Moodle in Padova)

– Collaboration tools

Facebook groups, Skype for class to class exchanges, groups used whatsapp and Messenger for small group synchronous text and/or video exchanges.

– Reflection tool