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On the page Training Resources, you can download the full Co-laboratory Training modules, released as a so-called IMS Common Cartridge. On this page you can read how to install the cartridge.


What is IMS Common Cartridge?

Common Cartridge (CC) is a set of open standards developed by the IMS member community that enable interoperability between content and systems. Common Cartridge provide a standard way to represent digital course materials for use in online learning systems so that such content can be developed in one format and used across a wide variety of learning systems. This means that you can install the EVOLVE Co-laboratory Training in your own learning system, provided that it supports IMS Common Cartridge. Many learning systems do.


How was the Common Cartridge created?

The EVOLVE Co-laboratory Training was developed in Moodle 3.5.1. This version of Moodle is able to create IMS Common Cartridge version 1.1, so this is the version that was used for creating the cartridge.


How can I get the Common Cartridge?

You can download it on the Training Resources page.


How do install the Common Cartridge?

To learn how to import the Common Cartridge, please consult the documenation of the learning system. We have linked to the online documentation of a number of well-known learning systems.


Do I need to know more?

It is not guaranteed that all of the content of the Co-Laboratory Training will be correctly imported. This depends on the learning system in which it is imported. There are two pages that contain specific Moodle objects that may not work correctly after the import, or may even be ignored. For this reason, a copy of these two pages were to the course. In these copies, indicated with the word FALL_BACK in their respective title, the conflicting content has been removed, and a brief instruction was added to help you solving the problem. By default, these pages are hidden for students.
Both pages can be found in Module 4 Critical Digital Literacy.
1.  Critical Digital Literacies through virtual exchangeInteractive Content
This page contains a H5P interactive video object that is not supported out-of-the-box in most learning systems. You can add the H5P content manually. Check our online copy of the Training to see what it should look like.
2. Task ideas for critical digital literacy skills development – a collaborative wiki task
As the title suggests, this page should link to the wiki tool in your learning system. Please create a manual link if this was not automatically done during the import.
If, after the import, you have have a working page of either the H5P video or the wiki, you can delete the copy (FALL_BACK) of that page. If you only have the copy, try and modify it following the instructions given on the page.
Furthermore, please check the following links:
  • Module 5, topic Intercultural Forum 2: you may have to update the link to Task 2
  • Module 5, Activity 5.2: Tasks for intercultural learning in Virtual Exchange: you may have to update the link to Intercultural Forum 2
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