In a collaboration of the Erasmus+ Virtual ExchangeEVALUATE and EVOLVE projects, the UNICollaboration organisation is holding the next ONLINE virtual exchange partnering fair on Thursday, February 28 at 11:00 Central European Time. The fair is aimed at educators from all disciplines who  want to design and implement a Virtual Exchange but have not yet found a partner.

To Register: Please complete this online form.

With your permission we will make your form and the forms of candidates from other networks available to everybody looking for a Virtual Exchange partner(and invited to join the partnering fair) before 28 February.

This will allow all involved to
– have an idea who else is out there looking for a partner and
– start thinking about the subject area (looking for a partner who teaches the same subject only or – for those with an adventurous mind – willing to partnerwith someone who teaches a different subject).

For further information, please contact


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