To:  Institutional trainers, professional development supporters, policy makers and management in Higher Education

We are happy to announce that the EVOLVE Co-Laboratory course materials are now available on our website for use by the Virtual Exchange community. We expect that HE institutions will be interested in running their own training, for which these materials provide a good basis.

Our Co-Laboratory is the interactive, learning-by-doing training which EVOLVE team members have developed and used with participants during the past two years of the project. We are now sharing these course materials as an interactive course module which institutions can import into their own learning environments, so that it can be adapted to local needs and translated. A full preview is available from our website. The materials are accompanied by a guidebook and instructions for installing the course in your institutional VLE. 

The following EVOLVE members have contributed to the course:
Gosia Kurek, Mirjam Hauck, Teresa MacKinnon, Robert O’Dowd, Shannon Sauro, Juan Albà Duran, Gerdientje Oggel, Sake Jager, Rafael Tyszblatt, Caspar van der Heijden

The materials are shared under a CC-BY-NC-SA licence. We hope that the Virtual Exchange community will find them useful as a starting point for developing and sharing their own versions of the training. The training materials can be found in the Training Resources area of this website. 

EVOLVE Project team 

In case your institution is not ready yet for training faculty in developing their own exchanges, you can contact UNICollaboration, the professional organisation in Virtual Exchange and Telecollaboration with whom we have worked closely together in designing the training. They can provide advice, train-the-trainer courses or deliver training to your faculty. Alternatively, if you are interested in ready-made exchanges, where students participate in discussions on cross-cultural topics and societal issues, you may contact our partners Soliya or Sharing Perspectives Foundation for their current course offering.


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