The EVOLVE project will be coming to an end in December 2020. EVOLVE has delivered a range of outputs for HEIs, to which more will be added under the Resources section of this website before the end of the project.

One outstanding activity is the VE Monitoring Survey, a study into the awareness and use of Virtual Exchange, which is a repetition of the baseline study carried out in 2018.  The current study is intended to investigate the awareness and the practice of VE as an instrument for internationalisation and educational innovation two years after the initial study.

If you work as international officer, education manager, policy maker, educator, educator-researcher, or education supporter in a Coimbra Group or SGroup institution (check links for membership) or any other HE institution, please help us collect the required data by participating in the survey below. Feel free to forward this announcement to any colleagues to whom this message may apply. Different replies are expected depending on the disciplines and positions of the respondents concerned.

The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. The survey can be taken anonymously if you wish. 

The survey will be open until 6 December next.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

EVOLVE Project team

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