The EVOLVE project is now 1 year and 3 months ahead and a lot has happened since we published our first newsletter (October, 2018).

In the second edition, we talk about the first iteration of the EVOLVE online Virtual Exchange training and how it was perceived by participants. We show the interactive map on our websites which includes the EVOLVE exchanges established through the training and we inform about more exchanges to come thanks to a successful partnering fair held in February 2019. We also briefly explain the EVOLVE Open Badges System which participants in the training have been awarded and how practitioners of virtual exchange in general can benefit from them. Furthermore we are happy to present the first results of the Baseline Study report on the awareness of virtual exchange in higher education and to which extent it is implemented across disciplines. Besides this, we are proud to mention that the EVOLVE project, together with the EVALUATE and Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange (EVE) projects, was presented at the workshop “Virtual Exchange for digital skills and global citizenship” at the European Parliament in Brussels. Last but not least, we can look back upon on a very fruitful second partner meeting held at Malmö University (Sweden) where new synergies between the EVE and EVOLVE projects were found for both upcoming training and research purposes.



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