Co-Laboratory Training

Activity 3.2: Your envisaged VE – Dreams and Nightmares

Now it’s time to engage in a task representative of what you may ask your students to do.

We ask you to work in groups but – attention! – you need to get organised yourselves.

 Please follow these steps:

  • use THIS google doc (a link to a new google doc)  and place yourself in a group of your choice. You don’t need to know  the people in your group.  In fact, it is better for this exercise if you do not!
  • get in touch with other group members  (you can use this platform for a private message) and together find a time slot for an online meeting for which you will use a synchronous video conferencing tool (Skype, Hangout, Zoom). The meeting should take place before (put the date here).
  • Go online at the time agreed.
  • Introduce yourself briefly and discuss the hopes and concerns  you have about trying Virtual Exchange in your context. What are the challenges that you expect at this stage?  Are they linked to your competencies, institutional constraints or, perhaps, your potential partnership? Can other group members offer you some solutions?
  • Provide a brief summary of your discussion in the Forum 2. Start a new discussion topic using the names of your team in the title. One group member starts and the others add and comment on the summary.
  • Please read the posts of others and see if you might have suggestions or solutions to offer.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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