Co-Laboratory Training

A welcome from course designers

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to this online training on Virtual Exchange. It has been created and published on open licenses by EVOLVE Team. EVOLVE (Evidence-Validated Online Learning through Virtual Exchange) is an Erasmus+ project which aims to mainstream Virtual Exchange (VE) as innovative practice in Higher Education (HE). Please visit our website to learn more:

This training has been designed for HE educators from any discipline in HE who are interested in integrating class-to-class VE as a an element in courses that they teach. We encourage educators to also invite their (prospective) exchange partners to the training, so that they can work towards creating tasks for a real VE project.

The training can also be used with other stakeholders who can contribute to successful implementation of VE in their institutions. These include educational and blended learning developers, teacher trainers and professional development supporters, internationalisation officers and education managers.

In addition to learning about key aspects of VE and how to set it up successfully, participants from these different backgrounds will be engaged in activities drawing on the multiple perspectives and the different expertise that each may bring to the discussions.

We hope you enjoy our course 🙂

the EVOLVE Team 

Contents of the introductory module:

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