Co-Laboratory Training

What to expect: Learning objectives & course outline

The purpose of this course is to help you embrace class-to-class Virtual Exchange (VE) as an education program in which geographically distant  groups of students collaborate online over a sequence of tasks with the support of educators and/or facilitators.  

In particular, in this course you will:

  • learn what Virtual Exchange (VE)  is and how it can be implemented in your institutional context;
  • learn about different types of VE and the tasks used;
  • experience studying VE through VE
  • experience the use of various tools and communication channels used in VE
  • construct a scenario/task sequence for your own project
  • discuss the challenges involved in VE and the solutions to them;
  •  learn about facilitated dialogue.

The coursework for each week consists of reading and viewing tasks, online group and class discussions as well as  videoconferencing and individual reflections.

As we explain at some point, reflection is a very important component of VE. We strongly encourage you to  take part in weekly reflective activities to get the taste of how reflection  enhances learning. Mahara is a useful reflection tool which has been integrated in this course. Feel free to use Mahara eportfolio as evidence of your learning.

The average workload is estimated at approx. 3 hours per week.

We hope you enjoy this experience 🙂

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