Co-Laboratory Training

Activity 5.1: Pedagogical mentoring for intercultural communicative competence

One of the key ways in which teachers can support students in developing their intercultural competence in virtual exchange is through the provision of pedagogical mentorning. By this we mean the strategies and techniques that teachers use in their classes to support students’ learning during virtual exchange projects.

View this video that illustrates some examples of pedagogical mentoring that took place in some recent virtual exchanges involving Isreali, Spanish and Swedish university students.


Following that, read this article that explores the types and functions of pedagogical mentoring in virtual exchanges.

When you have done this, go to the discussion forum and share your ideas about

1) Possible intercultural issues that might arise in your exchange

2) Which of the three types of pedagogical mentoring is the most suited to your context

Discuss your thoughts in the Intercultural Forum 1 with your online partners.

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