Co-Laboratory Training

Module 6 Reflection Task

Dear All,

in this week you should have  had an opportunity to participate in a Facilitated Dialogues  synchronous session. If you are interested in this form of facilitation, you are kindly invited to apply for a professional Soliya training. Please get touch with your instructors to find out more.

In the meantime, please use reflect on your learning in this week. You may use Mahara or any other space in which you can record your thoughts and collect the evidence of your learning. You may find the following questions helpful.

  • Why is dialogue important?
  • What is the value of engaging constructively across different identities and opinions so important in today’s World?
  • How did participation in this week’s synchronous session change your perspective of dialogue. What did you learn? What was challenging?

About this course

The pages here are a copy of the Co-Laboratory Training in Virtual Exchange developed by the EVOLVE team. The course is available as Open Educational Resource under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.  It can be downloaded as an IMS Common Cartridge and imported in your institution’s virtual learning environment. For more information, see Training Resources.

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