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Activity 2.2 A toolbox for Virtual Exchange teachers – please contribute

Educators usually perceive digital tools as a challenging territory. The golden rule for applying them successfully is following the 2:1 rule: introducing 1 new tool for two that you feel comfortable with. Having this in mind, please use this forum1 to share with us any tools that work well in your context. They can be communication tools, platforms or perhaps various applications that you use daily.

While introducing the tool you may find the following questions helpful:

  • What are the affordances (functionalities) of the tool?
  • Does it have any limitations that teachers and students should be aware of?
  • Can it be used in the context of a VE project? To what purpose?

If possible, please attach a screenshot of the interface

You are also kindly invited to pin up links to your favourite tools to this padlet wall: 

We have created categories for different types of tools to help you navigate  this toolbox.

We hope you find this selection useful.

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