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Additional resources for Modules 1 & 2

Dear Colleagues,

if you want to learn more about task design for Virtual Exchange, you may find the following selection of  research articles useful:

  • Dooly, M. (2011). Divergent perceptions of telecollaborative language learning tasks: Task-as-workplan vs. task-as-process. Language Learning & Technology, 15(2), 69–91. Retrieved from
  • Hauck, M. (2010). The enactment of task design in tellecollaboration 2.0. In M. Thomas & H. Reinders (Eds.), Task-based language learning and teaching with technology (pp. 197–217). London: Continuum.
  • Müller-Hartmann, A. (2007). The teacher role in telecollaboration: Setting up and managing exchanges. In R. O’Dowd (Ed.), Online intercultural exchange. An introduction for foreign language teachers (pp. 167–192). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
  • Müller-Hartmann. A., Kurek, M. (2016) Virtual group formation and the process of task design in online intercultural exchanges. In R. O’Dowd M., T. Lewis (Eds.) Online Intercultural Exchange: Policy, Pedagogy, Practice. Routledge. 131-149.
  • O’Dowd, R. and Ware, P. (2009). Critical issues in telecollaborative task design. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 22(2), 173–188  (the basis for VE task typology)
  • Van Loon, A.-M., Ros, A., & Martens, R. (2013). Designing digital problem based learning tasks that motivate students. Journal of Technology and Education, 21(4), 409–432.
  • Wang, Y. (2007). Task design in videoconferencing-supported distance language learning. CALICO Journal, 24(3), 591–630.

The list is just a sample of a vast amount of literature on the subject.

You may also peruse the following  selection of web resources  about learning design and the use of technology.
Can you locate 2 or 3 websites which are of interest to you and your practice?
To collect them all we used Pearltrees – a tool for curating (organizing) content collected from various sources.
Enjoy 🙂

Learning design, by teresamac

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