Co-Laboratory Training

Reflecting on task sequences.

Dear Colleagues,

In Task 1 we asked you to have a closer look at various VE task sequences. Our intention was to show you how varied they can be. Please share with us your thoughts on what has drawn your attention. Do you think they could be adapted to your context? In what way? Please add your thoughts to the forum thread  which best fits your role.

If you are an educator, reflect on the following: 

  • Which of the scenarios could potentially be adapted to your context? What modifications on the level of task design and technology selection would be required?

If you are a non-educator, please consider:

  • To what extent would it be possible to implement such projects in your institution? Do such projects already exist?
  • Can you think of an exchange which would involve students who are going on a year abroad? How could they benefit?

Please make sure to respond to at least 3 posts by other participants 🙂

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