Co-Laboratory Training

Module 1: Pedagogy of Virtual Exchange

In this module you could get a glimpse of how practitioners implement VE in class-to-class projects. You also learned about various types of VE tasks and  were  asked to reflect on how the sequences you had explored could inspire your own projects. If you are working in a griup, you should have had an opportunity to meet for a video session and explore its potential for synchronous communication, which you may also use in your own exchanges.

In this training, just as in Virtual Exchange, we promote self-reflection as the main vehicle for personal and professional growth. In particular, we encourage you and your future VE participants to use Mahara –  an integrated system for creating e-portfolio. It can serve as your personal reflection space for recording your thoughts and ideas. Mahara is free and compatible with most learning environments.

After having completed the 1st week of the training, please reflect  on the following

  • How does your familiarity with task sequences affect your understanding of teacher and student roles in the classroom? In what way, do you think, will your role as a teacher be affected in VE?
  • Which element of Week 1 was the most important to you? Why?

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