Co-Laboratory Training

Activity 1.1: Real-life examples of task sequences in Virtual Exchange

Class-to-class VE follows a task-based learning approach. It works on the assumption that it takes carefully designed tasks to make participants work towards defined learning goals.

Here are links to several task sequences for VE  implemented by practitioners representing  various academic disciplines. Please spend some time looking through them and pay particular attention to how tasks were arranged in sequences.  

Please have a look at at least at different scenarios.

How does the task sequence correspond to the learning objectives? Can you see room for meeting objectives  other than those specified?

If you are an educator, please consider the following: 

  • What types of tasks are used to start the exchange. What is their purpose? Are the students going to produce a tangible product? Of what type? How is their work structured?
  • Which technical tools are used to facilitate students’ communication and cooperation?
  • Which of the scenarios could potentially be adapted to your context?

If you are a non-educator reflect on the following:

  • To what extent would it be possible to implement such projects in your institution?
  • Can you think of an exchange which would involve mobility students? In what way?

Respond to these questions in respective threads in Forum for Module 1: Reflecting on task sequences.

Task sequences to explore:

  1. Developing multi-modal competencies
  2. Citizenship education: Youth spaces & places (murals and graffitis)
  3. Creating a newsletter together – understanding various genres in writing
  4. We are all newcomers: Debunking  myths and stereotypes associated with citizenship rights and immigration
  5. World literature and cultural transfer
  6. Child abuse and neglect 
  7. Environmental Psychology
  8. World literature and World literature and cultural transfercultural transfer

You can find more tasks and task sequences in UNICollaboration task databank.

Enjoy 🙂

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